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90 Liter Per Minute Respirator Blower

• The Onyx - 90 advanced and enhanced respirator blower is designed for evacuation teams and other personnel engaged in strenuous activity in dangerous environments.
• The Onyx - 90 blower creates overpressure within the interior of the mask, to prevent the entry of chemical and biological contaminants.
• The Onyx - 90 blower supplies approximately 90 liters of air per minute, via two personal filters. It is powered by 5.8V lithium batteries, giving at least 15 hours of continual operation, or 8 AA batteries for 9 hours.
• The Onyx - 90 is made from polycarbonate, the blower is fitted with loops for suspension from a belt or a back harness,

If you required more than 10,000 units please contact us to get a better price

Due to pandemic issues, our handling times for this product may take 2 to 5 business days.

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