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SaniCart Disinfection Station

Disinfection machine

SaniCart disinfection station:


  • The machine can fulfill the requirement for the user to operate personally, and the disinfection quantity can be set.
  • Working temperature: 14° - 121° F
  • Working environment humidity: 10%~50%

Material: the shell of luggage disinfection machine are complies with the production requirements of industrial machines, which is made of cold-rolled steel plate and stainless steel, with high strength, to prevent equipment damaged caused by violent use of passengers. Cold rolled sheet has good performance, thinner thickness, higher precision, clean and bright surface.

  • Adopting Japanese Aurora sterilization technology, Built-in strong light wave, double sterilization effect.
  • Providing the function of anti direct technology to achieve sterilization effect for all the round at the same time.
  • Sanicart disinfection station Houston has high-efficiency dust collection filter to intercept micro molecules, Does not produce harmful substances, such as ozone or carbon dioxide.

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This product has a $999 a month

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