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Dimitri Menin

Founder and President 


Dimitri holds a bachelor´s degree in Business management from Tel Aviv University. Also, he did a military service for 4 years at the navy unit in various locations of Israel.
He is responsible for establishing strategic direction for the company for short- and long-term goals and plans, providing all the required resources for all the members and work force.Official contact, communicator, and representative of Texas Medical Technology worldwide.
Currently, in Deli Catering He is the supervisor of the works offered within the company so that the products fulfill their mission in quality and good service. Also, in Oklahoma he is responsible for the care of three farms to produce cannabis, generating plants that meet the quality standards in the market. Furthermore, in Houston in a Cosmetic Company he has experience in international purchase negotiations, product development and exclusive contracts with companies.
Last but not least, in a Gas Service Company he was in charge of general company strategies, managing staff and setting policies. Also, in Carrara Italia Marble Imports he was responsible for import and export programs of the company. And, at Cell U LTD he was in charge of In charge of the Service, the visual Presentation and the Warehouse of the company, as well as Providing the best possible service and attention to all consumers.

Omri Shafran

Chief Executive Officer


Omri studied Law at Bar – IIan University, economics and business at Hebrew University and MA at Harvard Business School.
Embracing the core values of education and innovation, he is a member of the Mensa organization and he is volunteering in the Gifted Children Resource Program in Houston. Also, he received Best Product Award from Business week – December 1997 for a product, he developed – “Golftable”.

As CEO of Texas Medical Technology he is in charge of making decisions in the short, but especially in the medium and long term, such as future investments, product diversification, as well as all those internal issues that refer to the organization. Also, he is in charge to define the global strategies of the company in areas such as IT, HR or Business.

Before devoting his time to Texas Medical Technology, in Sure Spot Inc he was involved in acquiring, developing, marketing, and funding of over 20 Smart Parking projects include New York Yankees, Walmart, ForPark, SMG, Landrys. Also, in Optimum INVESTMENTS, he was involved in acquiring, developing, marketing, and funding over 25 projects and thousands of units throughout USA. I obtained a deep knowledge of the US real estate market, its processes, and characteristics.
In addition to this, he created Francesca Coffee LTD. He started with a few small businesses as customers and grow to over 650 institutes & chains which use his products. He was involved with all the business aspects, from marketing, budgeting, operating, and managing.

Last but not least, he held military service at IDF rescue and evacuation airborne elite unit – 669. He was first sergeant, he obtained Honors – Medal of excellence from IDF Air force Commander for brave rescue under fire. Also, he served as a combat rescue medic in the Israeli Air Force Elite Rescue Unit. Furthermore, he was responsible for coordinating external units, such as medical forces, pilots and various military units in combat situations.

Jad Shraim

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Prior to devoting his time and resources to Texas Medical Technology, Jad was in the financial services industry for 15 years. A Wall Street veteran who climbed the cooperate ladder with an unmatched velocity, earning him a Managing Director and a global market leader position by the Age of 35 at Broadridge Financial solutions, one of the largest fin-tech companies globally. Jad is a seasoned financial industry executive who brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge with particular strengths in areas such as market analytics, market penetration, financial strategy, and global distribution modeling.

Jad holds an MBA in Finance and a bachelor´s degree in Marketing and Accounting from Drexel University. Over his 15 year career in the financial industry, Jad held multiple executive posts at elite firms such as JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Lincoln Financial Investment Group.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Jad ranked among the top Broadridge employees. Jad has a proven history of consistently setting new company records shattering quotas assigned to him by as much as 380% on a given year. Jad is a 4-time Achievers club winner and is also a nominee for High Potential Talent Program to fast track career development. More recently, Jad has joined Forbes 40 under 40 applicants.

Jad has deep relationships and strategic partnerships with medical suppliers globally. Jad plays a crucial role in securing solid supply lines and key investors forTMM and iNitrile, allowing the two companies to produce and procure essential personal protective equipment for Governments, States, Indian Health Systems, Veterans Affairs, Department of Labor Affairs and hospitals at competitive market rates. Jads’ Creative Channel Incentive Model has motivated manufacturers globally to form partnerships with TMM and iNitrile allowing the two entities to grow and fulfill the needs of various consumers and front-line responders across the country. 

Erika Hernandez

Chief Human Resources Officer

Erika brings more than 20 years of HR experience to assist with the human resources delivery at the company. As the dedicated resource for Texas operations and day-to-day HR matters at the Houston office, Ms. Hernandez is the goal-driven Sr. HR Professional the company needs to realign and reboot Texas Medical Technology’s HR structure. She also works with regional management to develop HR strategies and support the organization’s national business strategies, plans, and structure.

Throughout her accomplished career, Erika has been lauded for her empathetic and organized approach as a professional.

Always the one taking initiative and going above and beyond to learn the mission, infrastructure, and heart of a company, you can count on her to prioritize an organization’s wellbeing and success above all else as she develops and executes HR initiatives.

From the time Ms. Hernandez began her career as an HR Professional at Waste Management in Houston, it was clear she was a self-starter who cared deeply about the employees of a company as well as the organization itself. After completing additional Business education in Monterrey, MX, where she strengthened her bilingual skills and upon returning to the USA she stepped to the front lines of Waste Management as she used her innate diplomacy, empathy, and bilingual fluency to settle a group of Hispanic drivers who were on strike. Quickly minimizing unfair labor practice issues against the employer, she captured the interest of industry related executive leaders to look upon her for resolution strategy in similar situations.