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Guardian CBRN Respirators — Your trusted protector from Bio Hazards and Viruses

The CBRN Filter was developed by Impertech, a subsidiary of Supergum Group, a leading one stop shop for Respiratory protection equipment for both civilian and military teams for more than 30 years, for providing an immediate and effective solution to the struggle against biological threats, including the corona virus, in particular.

The CBRN Filter is made from a rigid envelope that utilizes internal layers to provide effective protection against CBRN agents. The filter is manufactured per requirements defined by Israeli authorities’ specifications. The Filter structure Allows low resistance breathing, excellent shielding properties and high mechanical resistance.

Device description
• The filter includes a standard thread and can be connected to protective systems manufactured in accordance with CBRN standard Materials
• Construction Material — Nuril + 10% GF
• Particulate Filter — HEPA H1
Dimensions 3
• Height: excluded thread: 63 ± 1 mm
• Excluding thread: 82 ± 1 mm
• Diameter: 114 ± 1 mm Maximum
• Weight: 270gr
• Storage time: The filter’s shelf life is over 20 years when stored in its original packaging.
• Storage conditions: temperature range -10°C e +50°C, Relative Humidity < 80%.

If you required more than 10,000 units please contact us to get a better price

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