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Germs Rover - Mini UV Robot Bed Sterilization

This product uses high-power ultraviolet lamps for sterilization tools, can be used in daily life.

When shopping, take items that other people may have touched before. Sometimes the products that we take home can be contaminated by germs foreign to us (sneezing, coughing ...). Your bag, your glasses or any other article of daily use can put your health at risk.

• Take advantage of the antiseptic power of ultraviolet light that kills 99.9% of viruses, germs and bacteria.

• The UV LED can penetrate the membranes and nucleus of biological cells effectively in just 10 seconds, destroying bacterial DNA or RNA killing various germs and contains no mercury or ozone, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.

• With GermsRover UV lighting you can disinfect with ultraviolet light a very wide range of products for daily use, take care of yourself and your family, as well as objects and work items, creating a safe environment that invites consumption and confidence.

• Mini and portable convenient to use anywhere and anytime.

Note: Do not point the UV lamp towards human / animal / pet / bird skin and eyes

1.- Press the switch for 3 seconds, then it will start to work
2.- This will start a 180 second countdown indicating when disinfection is complete.
3.- Each recharge lasts about 50-60 times.
4.- Keep a distance of 5 cm from the surface to be disinfected.
5.- After 180 seconds, the job is finished Sterilization will stop

If you required more than 10,000 units please contact us to get a better price

 Due to pandemic issues, our handling times for this product may take 2 to 5 business days.

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