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iNitrile Automated Glove Dispenser

We Revolutionize Putting on Gloves.

An innovating glove dispensing machine that helps fight infections, streamline processes and minimize waste.


  • RFID / Badge Check In
  • Disinfect your hand
  • Insert your hand into the inflated glove and remove to finish.
We acknowledge the increased awareness of hygiene to avoid the transmission of pathogens in healthcare facilities, that’s why our machine is designed to:
  •  Improve user experience through a useful and friendly interface
  •  Considerably reduce unnecessary glove waste
  •  Improve and reduce infections with the correct use of gloves sterilization 
  •  Adds security measures and appeals support to insurance claims from hospitals, clinics, patients, and companies
  •  Control gloves storage management and automates
  •  Be suitable for different types and sizes of organizations


iNitrile was designed for the health sector, however the versatility and design of the machine allows it to be used in various branches of business, such as food, chemical, dental, among others.

  •  Automatic and contamination-free glove inflation
  •  300 available gloves (100 per cartridge)
  •  Versatile to place (easily move around)
  •  Includes a CRM system that provides statistics on waste and damage control in real time.


This product is only available for monthly rent. If your require more information contact us

Due to pandemic issues, our handling times for this product may take 2 to 5 business days.

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