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Sapphire Protective Mask

The Adult Sapphire Protective Hood is a new concept in human respiratory protection against CBRN Hazardous Materials.

Main Features & Advantages
Supreme protection: Hood—shaped for maximum seal and positive pressured, PROTECTIVE HOOD Provides a Protection Factor of 10,000 PPM.
Powerful air—supply: The hood becomes a positive pressure system through the attachment of a blower (IMP 2005), supplying air up to 45/90 L/minute. This significantly improves protection and physiological comfort.

One-size fits all: The hood is made of soft silicon laminate that seals around the user‘s neck and is compatible with eyeglasses. beards. etc.
Vision clarity: The hood is integrated with a large polycarbonate visor. thus permitting clear, undistorted vision.
The nose-cup: is tightened and positioned on the face using the two diagonal straps and quick release buckles on the back of the hood.
User-friendly: Wide visor for maximum field of vision. easy to don and doff, comfortable for prolonged use.
Long shelf life: The system has a shelf life of 15 years in RT conditions (batteries — 8 years).

The Sapphire Mask is especially adapted for use by:
• Police and law enforcement forces
• First responders
• Medical teams
* Manufactured in Israel by Impertech a subsidiary of
Supergum Group

If you required more than 10,000 units please contact us to get a better price

Due to pandemic issues, our handling times for this product may take 2 to 5 business days.

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